Saturday, January 31, 2009


What do you share, when do you share it, and who do you share it with?? Do you share it with a total stranger...or someone close?? For's mostly neither. I accept my silence as a part of me. Silence is my alternative to getting lost in my feelings. I'd rather be alone than around people who twist me to be someone I'm not. I'd rather be silent than have someone change my words and put words in my mouth. I don't know that I share much more to anyone these days than I have before. Sure...When I'm happy I'll let you know. When I'm not I'll shrug it off and say I'm fine. Will anyone ever know the difference?? That's when the mask comes in handy. I put it on whenever I want to disquise the truth. Life is one big game of hide and seek. Personally I like to hide...hide in the silence. The silence of being alone. Alone...just me and the air around me. I choose to be silent for it's the only way I ought to be.

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  1. I think I like to share amusing things more than anything. I tend to share details of important or every day issues more than how I feel about them. And the serious stuff I usually only discuss with the people effected by it. I lost one of my biggest confidents when Pete's mother passed away. And my best prayer partner moved to another town and church.