Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jacket of Life

Ever tried to face a river?? A rushing river?? Ever tried to stand in one without getting knocked off your feet?? Hard to do huh?? Life can be like that rushing river. Flowing ever so quickly...out of control...once in a while turning into waterfalls...leaving you further down than you anticipated you'd be. Life can also be cold...like the tempurature of the water. Numbing to the touch. Must make yourself numb before you can begin to swim. Sometimes in life we feel we need to make ourselves numb before we can go on. We experience things that leave us mounded...wounded beyond healing...leaving behind a scar. So we become numb to emotions in order to deal...in order to continue on. Without a life jacket this river can possibly be fatal. Taking sharp turns...with no warning for what lies ahead. Life is the same way. We need a life jacket to get us through the hard times. The times when we think we are going to drown in sorrow and pain. When we think we've gone down with the waterfall and may never come back up. I'm still riding this river. This river of life. I'm learning that in life God is our life jacket. It's not something to put on our arms or around our chest. It's not something we sit on, and yet all these promise they will keep us afloat. It's something we put in our hearts. With God as our life jacket we will get through this river of life. Yes...we will still face sharp turns...take hits...and get knocked off our feet. But with God we will make it through. He comes with a lifetime guarantee. He will help us from getting caught. He will clean us off and make us pure if we happen to fall. He will heal our scrapes and wounds from the rocks below and make us whole again. As I am still in this river I cry out and remind God that Psalm 3:3 says, "But You O Lord are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts my head high." I ask Him to be my life jacket. To rescue me from this rushing river which I've gotten myself into. He is the only hope I have left and I know He won't disappoint me.

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  1. Beautiful description! Yes, God is the One Person who will never, ever let us down or fail us. Who can heal us, revive us, change us, love us in spite of ourselves! I am so very thankful that you know Him, that you have Him in your life, that you don't have to endure anything alone.